Zon: Cosmic Warfare

Zon: Cosmic Warfare is an area of control resource management deck builder. Unlike other space games that take upwards of 4+ hours of play, Zon can be played in under two.

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Conquer the Cosmos: Zon's Cosmic Warfare

Get ready to conquer the cosmos in Zon: Cosmic Warfare! Craft spaceships, explore the Zon universe, and compete in a vast political struggle against other alien races. With multiple paths to victory, this game is perfect for all playing groups. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and sign up now!

Time Between Player Turns!

Have a lot of downtime during your gaming sessions that cause players to lose focus or take away from your experience?

Zon: Cosmic Warfare has been streamlined for 2-4 players with an average of 35 minutes per player.

Longer versions of the game will be possible through expansions--if that's your thing too

Deck-Building, Resource Management

The game can fit all kinds of playstyles.

If a player wants to play aggressively they can build fighter ships and battleships and attack and conquer planets for points. But if a player wants to play more strategically they can build up their ships on their planet and send political "Envoy" ships that have diplomatic immunity (cannot attack or be attacked) and get resources by trading.

We use dice as resource counters and they are used somewhat in combat but that can be mitigated with cards so the luck factor is quite low.